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Ranakpur Jain Temple is famous for its excellent sculptures and architecture. Surrounded by the Aravali hills and located on the banks of 'Magai' river this grand & gigantic four facet structures was erected in the 14th Century. The Temple is three storied, 102 ft. high and its spread over an area of 48000 sq. ft. The present structure of the temple came into being after the hard works of 50 years by various artisans & sculptors. the land of this temple which situated at the foot hill of 'Madri hills' was gifted by Maharana Kumbha of Mewar. Along with this temple a small town, about 2 kms. from the temple also came into existence. this town got its name from 'Rana' & was named 'Ranpur' which later came to be known as 'Ranakpur'. The temple is dedicated to the first Jain Teerthkar 'Lord Adinath'. it is built on high platform, which has about nine basement. it has 84 idols of gods and demi gods., 1444 pillars elaborately and beautifully decorated along with 4 'Megh Mandaps'. surrounding the main temple there are small shrines of Lord 'Parshwanath','Neminath'& 'Surya Narayan'.


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